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Dream 11: Another Baby Dream!

From a friend.

I was a nurse. A couple from another country (they spoke to me via a translator) came in. They were having a baby. There was a lot of panic as she was having the baby. It was difficult to figure out exactly what the story was, since there was a language barrier. We found out that the woman was unable to conceive. When they finally did, they were encouraged to terminate the pregnancy because the tests showed that the baby might have a terrible deformity.

The woman decides to carry on. But there are major complications as she prepares to give birth, and the doctors tell the husband that he has to choose between saving his wife or the baby. The husband and the wife tearfully conclude that they should give the baby the chance at life. The baby is born face down. I take the baby to the sink where the afterbirth is washed off. When I turn the baby over, the baby was shockingly deformed. The mother saw the baby, and died.

I woke up feeling miserable.

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~ by owls on May 22, 2010.

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