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Lucid Dreaming

Every time I try to explain lucid dreaming to someone, one of two things happens. Either the person tells me, “Oh. Ok, yeah, I can do that.” Then I reply, “No, wait, it’s not just realizing you’re dreaming, it’s more than that.” And then they say, “Oh yeah I can change stuff in my dreams, I do it all the time. Like this one time…” Or they just look at me, dumbstruck, and I conclude that I did a really poor job of explaining.

I’d love to be able to lucid dream. I don’t want to put the hours in to train myself. No way. But I want the ability. I’d do all kinds of stuff. For instance, I’d dream that I have all these things that I have to do, my job would demand things of me, I’d have family things, weird appointments and all of that. I’d just be lying in my bed, and someone would come in and say, “Owls! Get out of bed! You have all this stuff that needs to get done and you have no time to waste just lying there!” And then I’d say, “Chill out, man. I think you’ll find that everything you just said is not really true. Now, please leave.” And they would, and then I’d go back to sleep. I’d wake up in my dream, and bang! I’d have coffee in my hand and a breakfast burrito, and someone would say, “Owls, we need you to play Nintendo all day.”

And so I would. If I could do the lucid dreaming.

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~ by owls on May 22, 2010.

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