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Dream 13: Pond

From a friend.

I went back to my old elementary school where I worked. I saw the principal, and she told me to leave. I had to sneak around the hallways to find a friend that was teaching there. As I was sneaking, I saw a nasty coworker who told me about how she was in danger of losing her job. I realized that I better leave. I wandered down the corridors, but I couldn’t find the exits, everyone was pointing me in the wrong directions.

Finally, I go into a classroom that I was told was an exit. It turned out to be the ecology room with a fat man in it who apparently was the ecology teacher. When I went in, I stepped into a pond. The entire room was a pond. He yelled at me for standing in the pond. “You stepped in the wrong end of the pond. If you had stepped in the other end, it wouldn’t have been muddy.” Apparently, the other end of the pond was clear water and was the exit. I went and stood in the other end and then woke up.

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~ by owls on May 23, 2010.

One Response to “Dream 13: Pond”

  1. Its funny how places in dreams are condensed as to serve to both memories and to create bizarre metaphors. Ask your friend what the relevance of the stepping into a pond is and I am sure it would be hard for him to explain but I am sure there is something there. It’s also interesting to see the associations of school-teacher-classroom-ecology-pond. It’s funny to see how the dreaming mind makes connections and this dream demonstrates this fairly clearly.

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