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Reflecting on the Course

I enrolled because my choices were limited. Only evening classes fit my schedule, and whatever my other choices were, they all sounded worse than a class about dreams.

I was sure I was missing out because of my schedule limitations. I was wrong.

I’m echoing the sentiments of most my fellow classmates here, but this class was the most enjoyable I’ve had at Queens. I loved the blog dynamic and the interaction that it provided between classmates. The readings were great; I wasn’t exactly excited to be reading Freud Jung & Co. at first, but because of the quality in the class, I ended up enjoying them immensely.

I’ve never taken a class where it was clear that all the students (and the professor) were enjoying themselves and the material, and were genuinely looking forward to what was next. I wish I could have taken every course with these classmates.

The only downside was that I found it very easy to become distracted from the blogs and commenting by other projects, but that’s more of a personal flaw than a flaw of the course.

This was far and away my favorite class at Queens, and I began to miss it the moment I left the classroom on the last night.

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~ by owls on May 24, 2010.

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